Shopping list feature on the Carrefour Mobile & Web

  1. The onboarding is quite lean, doesn’t force the user to register or login right away, unlike some of the competitors like Big Bazaar in India, that won’t let a user proceed without providing a phone number on their mobile app.
  2. While interacting with a feature on the Carrefour mobile app for the first time, quick feature onboarding hints/tutorials are very helpful and intuitive. (e.g: swipe left to remove an item that has just been added to the cart.)
  3. Observing the plethora of categories of products on the website/app, and creating a mental map of how products fall into different categories, and how when a user comes to the app, do they think of the category first or the product itself that they are looking for.
  4. How do users go about making a list for grocery shopping, and does the behaviour vary depending what time of the day or week it is, meaning if its different ahead of a long weekend or in the evenings when its busier compared to afternoons or normal weekdays.
  5. For the sake of scope I’ll be narrowing my assumption to a grocery list.
Double diamond design process




  • Easy onboarding
  • User can browse the app before login and register.
  • Shopping list is just another name for cart.
  • Swipe interaction within the shopping list is for “remove item” which is similar to reduce quantity feature. {-1+}.
  • No onboarding, goes straight to the main screen.
  • Ability to add multiple shopping lists.
  • Ability to cross off items.
  • Can’t figure out how to cross off items though (non-intuitive).
  • No shopping list feature.
  • Frustrating onboarding
  • Mandatory register or login before being able to access the app features at all.
  • Mundane and uninteresting cart design.
  • “Shopping Lists” feature is one layer within the hamburger button.
  • “Create a new list” & “Your friends lists”
  • Couldn’t figure out how to just start populating the list.
  • “Add an idea” feature within the horizontal kabab menu starts populating suggestions (e.g.- shoes from a catalogue) upon adding an idea within the list.
  • Most hypermarket/supermarket apps and website don’t really have the “shopping list” feature.
  • “Our Groceries” which is especially for creating shopping lists is poorly designed and is un-intuitive.
  • Amazon’s “shopping lists” feature is over engineered.

Observations about Carrefour’s shopping list feature.

  • Simple navigation to access “shopping list”, although Amazon’s “Lists” is slightly more intuitive to come across, when navigating through the mobile app.
  • Unable to move items from cart to “shopping list” in carrefour app.
  • Un-intuitive in terms of being able to add items to the shopping list. (first impressions)
  • This flow : Shop now -> Categories -> Products -> Add to cart, is confusing, if the user is trying to add items to a shopping list and not to cart. (in a similar flow, Amazon’s app allows to add an item to a “shopping list” rather then adding it to cart.)
  • Unable to move items from cart to “Lists”.
  • Couldn’t locate shopping list on the desktop website.
  • Assumed it to be a part of the “ways to shop” feature.


Questionnaire :

  • Give users a more practical solution which is instantly accessible to create, maintain and add items in a shopping list.
  • Users tend to do shopping on the weekend, they add items to the list throughout the week, and go for in-store shopping over the weekend.


Flow for solution 1


Paper prototypes

Solution 2


Thanks :)




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Ranbijay Krishan

Human Centred Design creates better experiences.

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